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Successful Baccalaureate & Beyond Program To Be Replicated

Date Released: 10/15/2010

Dr. Joseph Skrivanek and Dr. Jeffrey Scott co-chair conference in Albany on Nov. 4 to determine where the program will be expanded within SUNY community colleges and four year institutions. Click for details.

It’s called the Baccalaureate and Beyond program and it’s an overnight success for Purchase College and the six community colleges who participate in its science and humanities programs.


 On November 4, Joseph Skrivanek, Professor of Chemistry and Program Director of the Purchase College Bridges to Baccalaureate program, and SUNY officials from the Office of Diversity & Educational Equity and the SUNY Provost, David Lavalee will meet with officials from other SUNY Community Colleges and four- year institutions to develop plans to replicate and expand this program and adapt it to other institutions.  Initial plans call for the program to be introduced to three four-year institutions and nine community colleges with an option for further expansion.The group will meet at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Albany, NY from 8AM-5 PM.


In this initial phase, representatives from twelve four year institutions and 11 interested community colleges will attend the conference.


Since it began 10 years ago at Purchase College, over 300 community college students in Westchester and Rockland counties have participated in the Purchase program  and have graduated from four-year institutions. The Baccalaureate and Beyond program has provided a seamless transfer from community colleges to four-year institutions. It provides academic and financial support for students in the natural and social sciences and the humanities with faculty members from both the community colleges and four-year institutions providing mentoring, training, and support at each others’ institutions.  Students in these programs have had a 70% success rate in completion of their four year degrees compared to national statistics of 17%. The program was originally designed as a prototype that could be implemented nationally.


It also meets a need within SUNY  to create and sustain a supportive environment  throughout the SUNY system that will enable disadvantaged and underrepresented community college students to complete their associates degrees and conveniently transfer to four-year institutions to complete their baccalaureate degrees.


The conference will aim to identify ways to replicate this program within the SUNY system initially at three other four –year institutions and nine community colleges. Coordination will be conducted by the SUNY Office of Diversity and Educational Equity, with the office of the Provost, and Purchase College in an initial stage, with the potential for further expansion.


Conference participants include: Thomas J. Schwarz, President of Purchase College, Dr. David Lvalee, SUNY Provost, Dr, Pedro Caban, SUNY Vice Provost for Diversity and Educational Equity, Dr. Barry Warren, Associate Vice President for Development at SUNY Oneonta, and Dr, Jeffrey Scott, SUNY Diversity Development Officer, and Dr. Skrivanek. Dr. Scott and Dr. Skrivanek are the conference co-chairs.


The Keynote speaker is Dr. Shiva Singh, of NIH, Chief of the Special Initiatives branch in the division of Minority Opportunities in Research.  The National Institutes of Health has been a major funder since the program was first introduced.  Other sponsors are the National Science Foundation and the PepsiCo Foundation.


Jonathan Mathis of the Matrix Corporation will describe his experiences in the program at Purchase College. He is a recent graduate.


Representatives from 12 interested four-year institutions will attend the conference along with 11 interested community colleges.  Discussions will center on the elements of the two-year and four-year transitions and the specific activities required to run the program.  Poster sessions will provide participants with opportunities to learn about  the best practices of the current programs. At the conclusion of the conference,

Purchase and the SUNY Office of Diversity and Educational Equity and the Office of the Provost will determine which community colleges and four-year institutions are the best candidates for successful program replication and begin planning for the first round of the project.


The initial phases of the project will be directed by the Office of Diversity and Educational Equity, represented by Jeff Scott and Purchase College’s Program Director, Dr. Joseph Skrivanek.  They will take the lead for convening and coordinating all project partners serving as liaison with related offices at System Administration, performing administrative functions and securing funding.  Professor Joseph Skrivanek and the community colleges who partnered with Purchase will also provide essential experience, expertise and resources for planning and assessing the project. The community colleges include: Dutchess Community College, Rockland Community College, Nassau Community College, Orange Community College, Sullivan County Community College, Westchester Community College.