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Purchase Repertory Theatre Season 2010-2011

Date Released: 9/13/2010

Seven plays will be presented in the coming year beginning with "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekhov October 15 to 23. Performances of Durang Durang will take place at the Emelin Theatre February 10-13. Click for details.

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Purchase Repertory Theatre Season 2010-2011




by Anton Chekhov


One of the greatest plays of the modern era, Chekhov's drama traces the lives of the Prozorov family as they marry the wrong people, fall in love at the wrong time, and try to discern the meaning of existence.

Directed by A. Dean Irby


PepsiCo Theatre, Performing Arts Center


Fri Oct 15 at 8pm

Sat Oct 16 at 2pm & 8pm

Sun Oct 17 at 2pm

Thurs Oct at 8pm

Fri Oct 22 at 8pm

Sat Oct 23 at 2pm & 8pm





by David Mamet


Petty thieves attempt to steal a collection of rare coins in this brutal parable about friendship, loyalty, and the ethics of business. Mamet's masterpiece, it has influenced every American play since its Broadway premiere in 1976.

Directed by Christopher Mc Cann


Repertory Theatre, Performing Arts Center


Wed Nov 3 at 8pm

Fri Nov 5 at 8pm

Sat Nov 6 at 2pm

Thurs Nov 11 at 8pm

Sat Nov 13 at 8pm




by F. Garcia Lorca


In a small Spanish town, adult daughters rebel against the repressive tyranny of their domineering mother, who is intent upon thwarting their dreams of love and marriage in order to preserve the family reputation. A twentieth century masterpiece, this is a play about the nature of fascism, the power of sexual desire, and the effect of societal rules on the human psyche.

Directed by Nancy Gabor


Repertory Theatre, Performing Arts Center


Thurs Nov 4 at 8pm

Sat Nov 6 at 8pm

Wed Nov 10 at 8pm

Fri Nov 12 at 8pm

Sat Nov 13 at 2pm



by William Shakespeare


Stirring, heartbreaking, shocking, and beautiful, Shakespeare's rarely seen play addresses timely questions such as, when should one nation try to effect regime change on another, and when does disagreement with the government become treason? It also gives us perhaps the only true hero in the Bard's canon—the illegitimate son of Richard the Lionheart, known as "the Bastard."

Directed by Sarah Grace Wilson


Repertory Theatre, Performing Arts Center


Fri Dec 3 at 8pm

Sat Dec 4 at 2pm & 8pm

Sun Dec 5 at 2pm

Thurs Dec 9 at 8pm

Fri Dec 10 at 8pm

Sat Dec 11 at 2pm & 8pm




by Christopher Durang


This wacky collection of short plays  by America's master satirist pokes fun at the pretensions of American theatre itself, and it includes his classic spoof of The Glass Menagerie--"For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls."  The management is not responsible for injuries caused by hysterical laughter.

Directed by Benard Cummings


The Emelin Theatre, Mamaroneck, NY


Thurs Feb 10 at 8pm

Fri Feb 11 at 7:30pm

Sat Feb 12 at 2pm & 7:30pm

Sun Feb 13 at 2pm



by Timberlake Wertenbaker


Trying to buy social advancement, a wealthy woman and her Greek husband become art collectors and enter a hilarious world of artists, dealers, and critics in 1990's London. Is art only worth what people will pay for it? Is it okay to marry for money? Do ex-wives make good business partners? These questions and more are raised in this witty, Stoppard-esque comedy from the author of Our Country's Good.

Directed by David Bassuk


Repertory Theatre, Performing Arts Center


Tues Mar 8 at 8pm

Wed Mar 9 at 8pm

Thurs Mar 10 at 8pm

Fri Mar 11 at 8pm

Sat Mar 12 at 2pm & 8pm

Sun Mar 13 at 2pm




by Bertolt Brecht, adapted by Ntozake Shange


This version of Brecht's great play transfers the action from medieval Europe to the American Civil War.  A black woman tries to profit from selling goods to both sides and protect her adult children from their own heroic impulses. Commissioned by the Public Theatre, this adaptation was created by the author of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.

Directed by Dennis Reid


Repertory Theatre, Performing Arts Center


Tues Apr 26 at 8pm

Wed Apr 27 at 8pm

Thurs Apr 28 at 8pm

Fri Apr 29 at 8pm

Sat Apr 30 at 2pm & 8pm

Sun May 1 at 2pm



Tickets are:

$22.50; $17.50 for seniors and non-Purchase students

Box Office is 914-251-6200 or