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Back to School at Purchase for Over 4,100 Students

Date Released: 8/24/2010

The campus welcomes approximately 716 freshmen, from 27 states and 29 foreign countries, and 491 transfer students.

It's back to school at Purchase College for over 4,100 students.  The campus will welcome approximately 716 freshmen from 27states, 29 foreign countries and 491 transfer students.


Freshmen move into dorms on Saturday, August 28 from 9 AM to noon.  Classes begin Monday, August 30.


A new program called Transition to College Life will focus on the fundamentals of living away from home.


A Fulbright Scholar, Eva Martin from the Dominican Republic will study in the graduate program in the Conservatory of Dance. Several other professional dancers are returning to earn masters degrees. Jonathan Reidel from the Limon Company,who has his own company, Reidel Dance Theatre, will return to complete his degree this year, and Eric Rivera from Ballet Hispanico, and Eva Chan a performer for nine years who also choreographed for the Hong Kng Ballet in Hong Kong will begin their degree work.


Purchase will introduce a text book rental program this year through the book store. According to Bookstore manager Tiffany Yusko they anticipate 30 to 50 percent of their stock will be rented in all subject areas.


The athletic department has expanded its fitness center and $100,000 worth of new equipment was added.  Purchase now offers 15 varsity sports and has just added men’s swimming.  There is also a new Pilates Certification program as well as two new courses-Wellness Strategy and Exercise Physiology.  The new turf field is extremely popular with students and outside groups.


The Olde Apartments have been renovated and equipped with new furnishings.  A small screening Center there will allow students to review their films.


Approximately 64 transfer students will be housed in the AKA White Plains extended stay hotel.  Bus shuttles will provide transportation for students to White Plains and Port Chester.


Purchase has received a grant to install additional Blue Light emergency phones throughout the campus as part of its ongoing community priority of maintaining a safe and secure campus. The phones are linked directly to the University Police Department’s dispatcher.


As part of its sustainable initiative, Purchase will expand its Zimride and rideshare programs with Facebook applications. It allows registered students to post rides and search for rides to local stores, trips home, or to area attractions as Bear Mountain or the Palisades. It will also expand the number of Big Belly solar powered trash compactors on campus and will introduce recycling programs for toners, cell phones and recycling machines.


The Learning Center will provide comprehensive support system including peer tutoring, group sessions, online tutoring and specific study skills workshops.  The staff assists students in forming study groups for any course the College offers.  The Online Writing Lab will continue to provide online support for students at no charge. Writing tutors will respond to student papers with feedback within one to two business days.  The Learning Center will also work closely with the College Writing program.  They have set up a communication system so that feedback about tutoring sessions for college writing can be communicated to the students’ instructors.  This will help with the drafting process in writing classes and it will help students receive the support they need with the guidance of the instructors.


Learning communities will offer opportunities for students and faculty members to share academic and learning experiences by participating in field trips or sharing meals together. These programs provide students with informal ways to study inside and outside the traditional classroom.


Purchase students will also have opportunities to participate in several outreach programs for K-12 students in surrounding communities and in community centers.  Programs will include tutoring, academic skills workshops, and leadership development programs along with visits to the Purchase campus.


The College will also introduce its School of Film & Media Studies which will offer degrees in Cinema Studies, Film, Media Society and the Arts, and New Media.  The program will be headed y Dr. Michelle Stewart., Chair School of film and Media Studies.


The school’s popular Terre Ve restaurant, with a vegetarian-friendly option, will reopen after being closed for a year due to construction and renovation surrounding its location.


Welcome week events include meetings with advisors, and a series of dances, variety shows and barbecues.  There is Bingo for Books, a Gym All-Nighter, a Cash Attack Game Show, a Club and Organization Fair, and a Friday Hootenanny with Comedy Show.