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Three From Purchase to Receive Chancellor Awards

Date Released: 5/10/2010

William Guerrero, Anwarul Haque, and Professor Cassandra Hooper will receive Chancellor Awards at the fall Convocation.

William Guerrero, Purchase NY, Anwarul Haque, Woodhaven, Queens, and Professor Cassandra Hooper, Croton-on-Hudson, NY, are members of the professional staff of Purchase College who have a have received  Chancellor Awards from the State University of New York.


The awards acknowledge consistently superior professional achievement throughout the State University of New York System and encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence. The awards underscore SUNY’s commitment to sustaining intellectual vibrancy, advancing the boundaries of knowledge, providing the highest level of instruction, and serving the public good.  Individuals selected for this honor are role models who are recognized for their accomplishments in faculty service, librarianship, professional service, scholarship, creative activities, and teaching. 


William Guerrero received the Chancellor’s award for Excellence in Professional Service.  Executive Director of the Purchase College Association since 1999, his entrepreneurial leadership has seen the organization grow from $3 million to $14 million.  He has contributed over $6 million in capital enhancements and has given $1.2 million back to campus operations.


His excellent financial management and organizational team building skills have brought the organization to financial stability in the past decade.  His accomplishments have reached across every part of the campus and have made a tremendous and positive impact on the lives and successes of students.


He developed and implemented a new business management system for the Student Government thereby saving operational funds and increasing the efficiency of the student government and their ability to increase services to campus clubs and organizations.


He implemented a “smart” laundry system to minimize inconvenience and better serve students.  He brought Zip car to Purchase to provide a convenient and alternative form of transportation for students.  He opened a student run convenience store, called the MoreStore, which offers convenience products while also providing jobs and learning experiences for students.


He updated the campus identification card system with the implementation of the “MoreCard” which also serves as a meal card.  He implemented a campus shuttle service which serves a large proportion of students.


 He restructured the campus cable television system and assumed responsibility for the Transportation and Parking Office.


He brought a fully vegan dining facility to the campus to meet the needs of students.


 He coaches the baseball team and has created a sense of unity and team spirit. He teaches business classes and has increased student engagement though internship programs, a grants program, and events such as the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides for Cancer walk.


 He spearheaded environmental sustainability on campus through workshops and the creation of a permanent Sustainability Officer as part of the Purchase College Association.


He serves on the board of various professional associations and has created programs that are a bridge between the College and the surrounding community.


 Mr. Guerrero is admired for his work ethic, his energy and enthusiasm and his ability to provide a seemingly endless array of campus services. He is looked up to by the students he teaches, the students he coaches, the students he employs and the students who use the services he brings to the campus.



Anwarul Haque received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Classified service.  A native of Bangladesh this former officer in the Pakistan Army he has been at Purchase for 13 years as U.S. Government Documents Clerk at the Purchase College Library. He is an esteemed professional who enhances the library experience for every member of the campus community including the patrons he serves and the student worker he supervises at the Circulation Desk.  He solves problems diplomatically and works collaboratively with fellow Library staff members.



Professor Cassandra Hooper received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.  A Purchase alum in printmaking she has been a member of the faculty since 1998. An accomplished artist, she specializes in intaglio and silkscreen printmaking with an emphasis on incorporating photographic and digital material and even animation into her work. Professor Hooper’s also creates artists’ books and her work has been included in numerous exhibitions and is in the permanent collections of major museums.  She provides a stimulating classroom environment along with professional experiences that expose her students to the world of printmaking. She has served on numerous campus committees and has been active in faculty governance.


The awards will be presented at the fall Convocation.