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Three From Purchase in SUNY Showcase for Research & Academic Work

Date Released: 4/8/2010

Natasha Salsabili, Lindsay Klinge and Christine Green represented Purchase in SUNY's display of scholarly posters in the Legislative Office Building in Albany.

Three Purchase students were included in the SUNY showcase of scholarly work exhibited at the Legislative Office Building in on April 13. The event highlighted undergraduate research and creative academic endeavors at SUNY campuses.  In all 32 campuses were represented in 100 different scholarly poster sessions.

The event brought together some of SUNY's most talented undergraduate scholars to present their research and creative academic projects to a large audience that included SUNY Administration officials and members of the State Legislature and interested members of the public.

Representing Purchase were: 

Natasha Salsabili, Tehran, Iran, whose topic was: "Keeping New York Healthy: The Effects of Omega-3Fatty Acids and Omega-6 Fatty Acids on NMU Mammamry Tumor Cells."

Lindsay Klinge, Purchase, whose topic was: "Keeping New York Healthy with PET Precursors: Diazomethane."

Christine Green, Woodbridge, NY, whose topic was "Exploring Gender Types in New York's Children."

Participating campuses selected up to three undergraduate research or creative endeavor posters that represented a sampling of the breadth of academic work offered at the campus. Each College  had its own display area and the student and faculty mentor names and project abstracts were included in the event program.