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Nelly van Bommel One of Dance Magazine's 25 to Watch

Date Released: 1/5/2010

The January issue of Dance magazine has selected Nelly van Bommel of the Conservatory of Dance for her choreography and work as an improvisation performer and teacher at Purchase.

Rachel Strauss of Dance Magazine described Nelly van Bommel's career in the January 2010 "25 to Watch" issue. 

"Nelly van Bommel's choreography magically teeters between tragedy and comedy, classical and folk, serenity and wildness.  "I always felt," says the French artist of Dutch parentage," that being one thing was limiting.  When I was young, I liked to say I was from somewhere else."  In Gelem, Gelem-created for Milwaukee Ballet, after accepting their 2008 "Genesis" award-she channeled the earthy charisma of gypsies' nomadic existences.  Van Bommel's career, from France to the US-from student (she has three masters degrees) to artist-from improvisation performer to Purchase College 's improvisation teacher-and from founder of NOA Dance and co-founder of Reverb Dance Festival to award-winning choreographer Is expansive.  Like her company's namesake, which signifies movement in Hebrew and people in Swedish, she creates dances in collaboration with her performers; she engulfs multiple dance languages.  In 2010 catch her quirkly  humanistic work on Ballet Austin and Noa Dance."