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Swedish Artist Clay Ketter Exhibits in Richard & Dolly Maass Gallery

Date Released: 11/20/2009

He is considered one of Sweden's most prominent artists and his work is featured in the David Schwarz Project 11 at the School of Art+Design now through December 18.

Clay Ketter, considered one of Sweden’s most prominent artists, is featured in a David Schwarz Project 11 exhibition at the Purchase College School of Art + Design.  Ketter is a 1985 Purchase alumnus who moved to Sweden 20 years ago from New York City.  The exhibition includes works created from 1996-2009 that reflect everyday domestic interior and exterior architecture.


The Ketter exhibit is on view through December 18 in the Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery, Monday- Friday  9-5.  Purchase College is located at 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY. 


Clay Ketter works with diverse materials that fall outside the bounds of traditional painting: gypsum board, spackle, paint, wood, and plastics. Traditional treatment of color, surface, and layers are evident in works as Trace Painting #6, made with household paints and wallboard, and Surface Habitat for Appliance, made with building materials and IKEA cabinet components.  Comparing these two works engages a dialogue around the practices of building, everyday work, the readymade and traditional painting.


For Ketter, painting is a process. He writes, "...the act of surfacing results in a surfacing, that of scraping becomes a scraping, of building, a building...and so on." Labor, as an element in art making, is distinctly visible: from the early “trace paintings” to the more recent Gulf Coast Slab photographs taken in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina. All his works have a trace, an outline of something removed, and a flattening of form through the use of layered surfaces. The artist uses the banalities of art making and building to forge a connection with the rich history of abstract painting and minimalism.


Clay Ketter, born in Maine, is currently a resident of Lilla Uppåkra, Sweden. He is the recipient of the Carnegie Art Award in Nordic Painting, multiple Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond (Swedish endowment) and has had recent solo exhibitions at Sonnabend Gallery in NY, Moderna Museet in Stockholm Sweden, and Bartha Contemporary Gallery in London England. His solo show at Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris, France opened this October 2009. Ketter is represented by Sonnabend Gallery NY, Galerie Daniel Templon Paris, Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm and Bartha Contemporary London.


The David Schwarz projects are made possible by the generous support of Jeanne and David Schwarz.