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Purchase Receives $2.1 million for 24,000 Sq. Ft. Green Roof

Date Released: 10/2/2009

"We are honored our proposal for a green roof that will decrease water runoff by 33 percent has been recognized under the Governor's Green Innovtion Grant Program, " said President Schwarz.

Purchase College will receive $2.1 million from the State of New York for construction of a 24,000 square foot green roof.


A total of $43 million in funding for innovative water quality projects across New York through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was announced by Governor David. A Paterson. The funds were awarded to 58 different projects through a new State initiative known as the Green Innovation Grant Program which promotes sustainable, environmentally sensitive water infrastructure and technologies.


“We are honored that our proposal for the construction of a green roof that will decrease storm water runoff by 33 percent has been recognized under the Governor’s Green Innovation Program, “said President Thomas J. Schwarz. “”We know that our entire region will benefit from this grant.  This builds upon our initiatives in green buildings and policies including an early membership in the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment.”


Purchase was one of 15 recipients to share in $7.89 million in federal stimulus funding for clean and safe drinking water projects in the Hudson Valley Region.


Funds will be used for the green wet weather storm management infrastructure project involving the central plaza of the campus.  It will serve three purposes: one, reduce the amount of existing surface runoff; two, create additional landscaped areas which will slow the infiltration rate of rainwater, thereby reducing the demand on the existing drainage system; and third, act as bio-filter improving the water quality runoff conveyed to the existing storm system. 


These measures are in line with the College’s commitment to become a more environmentally sensitive and sustainable campus.