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Jewish Film Festival Oct. 5, 12, 19

Date Released: 9/24/2009

Three recent films tell of Jewish life with sensitivity, humor, and contemporary points of view. Presented by the Jewish Studies Program. Screenings 7:30 PM, Durst Family Humanities Building.








Three recent films will be featured at the Purchase College Jewish Film Festival on October 5, 12, 19.  Screenings will take place at 7:30 PM in the Humanities Theatre of the Durst Family Humanities Building, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY.  Tickets $8 at the door.  For information call 914-251-6516 or contact:   


The films tell of Jewish life with sensitivity, humor, and contemporary points of view. The festival is co-sponsored by the Jewish Studies Program of Purchase College, the Hillels of Westchester, and the American Jewish Committee (AJC)-Westchester Chapter.


Visiting Assistant Professor in Jewish Studies at Purchase College Andrea Siegel, joins the veteran Director of the College’s Jewish Studies Program Professor Rachel Hallote, in organizing the festival this year.  Professor Siegel has lectured widely and leads adult-education workshops on Modern Hebrew Culture.  A recipient of numerous fellowships, she conducted research in Israel and Turkey last year as a Ralph I. Goldman Fellow (2008-09) of the American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.


A Green Chariot shown on October 5, depicts a Russian-Israeli man’s struggle with the issue: Who is a Jew? Sasha’s greatest wish is to become an Israeli, yet when he is about to marry his Israeli girlfriend, a package from his aunt in the Ukraine shakes his world and challenges everything he believes about himself and the person he’s tried to become. The film is directed by Gilad Goldschmidt from the Sapir College Film School in Sderot, Israel. A pre-screening wine and cheese reception in honor of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot will begin at 7 PM.  Walter Ruby, journalist, and Sam Kliger, AJC’s Director of Russian Community Affairs, will be the Respondents.  The post-screening dialogue and discussion will focus on the critical issues facing Russian-speaking Jews in Israel, now numbering more than 1 million people.  The evening is sponsored by AJC-Westchester Chapter.  Advance tickets for this film only may be bought online at


Awake Zion screened on October 12, connects Reggae culture to Judaism, highlighting kinship in the face of difference.  The humorous film sheds light on the positive relationship of blacks and Jews through music, roots and culture. Monica Haim’s film exposes the senselessness of hate and intolerance.  The band Under the Rasta Influence will lead a lively workshop following the screening.  Professor Karima Robinson, Assistant Professor of Drama Studies and a member of the Global Black Studies Faculty at Purchase College will introduce the film together with Rabbi Mike Rothbaum.  The evening is sponsored by the Hillels of Westchester.


Bruriah shown on October 19, looks at the traditional premise that “women are light-minded” through the eyes of a 2nd century heroine and a woman in 2008.  Directed by Avraham Kushnir, the film shows how the premise affects the lives of women and influences their behavior toward their families.  Professor Andrea Siegel will lead a post-screening Question and Answer session with the audience.  The evening is sponsored by the Jewish Studies Program of Purchase College.