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Back to School at Purchase for Nearly 4000 Students

Date Released: 8/27/2009

The campus will welcome approximately 750 freshmen and 330 transfer students from 47 states and 28 countries.

It's back to School at Purchase College for nearly 4,000 students.


The campus will welcome approximately 750 freshmen and 330 transfer students from 47 states and 28 countries.


Joining them will be fourteen military veterans studying under the GI Bill. Two of them are graduate students.


Freshmen will move into the dorms on Saturday, August 29 from 9AM to Noon.  Classes begin August 31.


A special program for students this fall is OWL, the Online Writing Lab. It provides free online writing tutoring to all Purchase students.  They will receive feed back on submitted essays within one to two business days.


Students will use the program through the Learning Center where specially trained Purchase writing tutors will respond to papers submitted during any stage of the writing process. Students may also resubmit drafts after revisions have been made to receive further commentary and suggestions. 


The Athletic Department will expand its fitness center and add more aerobic and weight equipment. 


As part of the sustainable initiative, Purchase will introduce the Zimride program established by former Port Chester resident John Zimmer.  This is a rideshare program with a downloadable program application with Facebook.  It allows registered students to post rides and search for rides to local stores, trips home, or to area attractions as Bear Mountain or the Palisades.


Learning communities for selected freshman and professors-in-residence will once again offer opportunities for them to share academic and learning experiences by participating in field trips or sharing meals together.  Students receive extra attention from faculty and peers through these programs and help in finding informal ways to study inside and outside the traditional classroom. Themes for the coming year include: Arts Management; From Page to Stage; Mass Media and the Shaping of Culture; and Understanding Cultural Differences and Similarities.


There are also FIGS, Freshmen Interest Groups, designed for students with different academic interests and learning styles.  Students take a cluster of courses in a specific course or major through this program and work together.


A new series of Humanities and Western civilization courses taught by senior faculty will explore all aspects of the topic from primary sources to interpretations in drama, poetry, philosophy and social history.  Topics will explore what makes us modern, how drama and poetry reflect shifts in the development of Western civilization, and how border crossings depicted in literature reflect immigration, assimilation, and the experience of those who exist "between" cultures.


Purchase students will also have opportunities to participate in several outreach programs for K-12 students in surrounding communities and in community centers. Programs will include tutoring, academic skills workshops, and leadership development programs along with visits to the Purchase Campus. Many of this year's activities will be focused on the communities of Port Chester and Yonkers. Some programs will be linked to service and volunteerism internships through Project Focus. 


Due to the increase in requests for campus housing Purchase will once again house some students in the AKA Westchester in White Plains.  This is an extended stay suites hotel.  Approximately 18 freshmen and 42 transfer students will be located there and will have access to transportation to the campus.


A new sustainability feature will be a full redemption center in the More Store.  Purchase is one of the first campuses to introduce this feature.  Deposits will be refunded on most plastic and glass recyclables.  Thanks to the hard work of student leader Steve Sabel and local beverage distributors, a number of machines will be added capable of accepting a much wider variety of recyclables than before.


Welcome Week events include summer reading discussion groups, meetings with advisors, and a series of dances, variety shows, and barbecues.  There is a Sunset Walk/Run, a Gym All-Nighter, a Lavender Luau, Bingo for Books, and an Orange Crush Dance Party to name a few.