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Professor Joel Thome and Artist Harry Doolittle Collaborate on Mandala Concert at Rubin Museum

Date Released: 7/23/2009

Celebrated composer and conductor Joel Thome of the Purchase College Conservatory of Music will collaborate with artist Harry Doolittle at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City on September 16 for a Mandala Concert at 7 PM.

The event showcases Thome's compositions using mandala forms as notation and Doolittle’s mandala paintings which will be viewed on the screen in the museum's theater during the performance.

The concert complements the museum’s exhibition Mandala: The Perfect Circle which will be on view from August 14 to January 11.

Thome is known for creating his own notational system based on mandalas.  The performance will include C,ES,ES for string quartet performed by the Scorchio String Quartet, and Para Manuel for violin solo performed by violinist Gregor Kitzis, and Canto XIV for solo flute performed by Linda Werherill on platinum, gold and jade flutes.  The concert will conclude with the world premiere of Canto XV with Toshi Makihara, percussionist.

A Grammy Award recipient and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Thome led the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico for 13 years in concerts of classical and contemporary works.  He has also worked with numerous international orchestras and has had other collaborations with visual artists including Alexander Calder, David Hockney, and Red Grooms. His compositions are recorded on Nonesuch, Vox, World Sound, and Polygram/Verve.

The Rubin Museum's mandala exhibition explores Himalayan Buddhism's artistic representation of man and the universe.  Mandalas are often conceived as concentric circles, circles within squares, lotus blossoms, six-pronged stars, or inverted crossed triangles.