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Purchase Included in the 2010 Fisk Guide to Colleges

Date Released: 7/20/2009

Purchase College has been selected for inclusion in the Fisk Guide to Colleges 2010 edition.  It is one of 330 educational institutions featured in this volume which emphasizes the country's best and most interesting colleges and universities.

"It is an honor to be included in this guide," said Dennis Craig, Vice President for Admissions and Associate Provost for Enrollment.

The Fisk Guide is selective and independent.  It accepts no consulting, advertising or other fees from colleges and has no relationship with colleges working on its behalf.  The entries are based on a subjective presentation rather than statistical.  The strengths and weaknesses of each institution are assessed in terms of academics, social life and overall quality of life.

The editor, Edward Fisk was education editor of the New York Times for 17 years and realized families needed more informed information on which to base their educational choices so he wrote the Guide to help them. 

Some comments about Purchase in the Guide.  "Purchase College is a dream come true for aspiring artists of all kinds –an academic environment that provides a strong sense of community and support, yet celebrates individuals for their unique talents and contributions; it's OK to be an individual here."  "Despite a conspicuous lack of college-town atmosphere, Purchase is a perfect place to study the arts and still be able to indulge in academics of all kinds, or vice versa."

The Strongest programs listed in Fiske: acting, art history, dance, environmental science, film, liberal studies, music, women’s studies.