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Trevor Corson Discusses "Sexy Lobsters, Succulent Sushi: How We Can Save the Seas with Good Eating!" Purchase College Science in the Modern World Lecture April 7

Date Released: 2/27/2009

Trevor Corson, author and journalist, will discuss "Sexy Lobsters, Succulent Sushi: How We Can Save the Seas with Good Eating!" on April 7. in The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College at 7 PM. Admission is free.  His talk is part of the Science in the Modern World Lecture series presented by the School of Natural and Social Sciences.

Purchase College is located at 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY.

Trevor Corson, known as "The Lobster Sex Guy" and America’s only "Sushi Concierge" discusses biology and conservation through anecdotes about the hilarious undersea antics of lobsters, the rugged lives of fishermen who catch them, and the need for sustainability in an age of vanishing seafood.

A Boston native who now lives in New York, he studied philosophy in China before spending three years in Japan living in temples and studying Buddhism, only to become a commercial fisherman-turned bestselling author after returning to the United States.

An award winning magazine editor, he has written on many different topics for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and The Atlantic Monthly.

His first book, The Secret Life of Lobsters was named a best nature book of the year by USA Today and Discover, and was a worldwide popular science bestseller.  His second book, The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice, won "Best American Food Literature Book of 2007" in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

He appears on the Food Network's hit TV show Iron Chef and his work has been featured on numerous radio and television shows including the CBS Sunday Show, ABC World News With Charles Gibson, and NPR’s All Things Considered. For information call 914-251-6631 or email