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George Kraemer Speaks at the First Bedford Environmental Summit

Date Released: 2/9/2009

Professor George Kraemer was a panelist at the first Bedford Environmental Summit at Fox Lane High School in nearby Bedford, New York where global issues became local issues.

More than 1,000 participants and 100 organizations, including public officials, educators, and environmental activists, gathered to encourage people to take action in their local communities to live sustainably without sacrificing quality of life.

Kramer discussed the "Ocean and Fish in Peril" on a panel with Carl Safina, a Purchase alum and environmentalist, and Timothy Fitzgerald.

Topics ran the gamut from oil depletion, composting, home farming to preserving open space. 

ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff was the keynote speaker.

Mary Beth Kass of the Bedford Energy Advisory Panel and Ellen Conrad, President of the Bedford Garden Club organized the event.