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Purchase Alum Nicholas McCarthy Shows At Sundance

Date Released: 1/20/2009

Nicholas McCarthy, a Purchase graduate, is showing his latest film "Chinese Box" at the Sundance Film Festival.  It is part of the "LunchFilm" program and stars Sam Ball (13 Going On 30, Pumpkin) and Petra Wright (Laura Smiles). He describes the film as a character piece that finds its way into science fiction.  The film will be shown on January 19, 20 and 23 at the New Frontier on Main Street.

McCarthy and a number of other filmmakers were invited by Mike Plante, the curator, to make movies in exchange for having him buying them lunch.

The program is described as film before food. Truly independent films are made from the gut.  Feed the filmmakers, and they are inspired to work. The LunchFilms concept is basic: a filmmaker is taken out to lunch; in trade, he or she makes a short film for the cost of the lunch.  Rules and inspirations are written out on a napkin contract. At times poetically real and other times languidly artistic, the resulting LunchFilms offer a variety of stunning tastes.

Nicholas McCarthy is one of 25 filmmakers included in this year's program.