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Purchase College Affiliates Award $10,402 in Grants

Date Released: 11/14/2008

The Purchase College Affiliates have announced their Fall 2008 Grant Awards which will support audio and DVD collections, a new Web kiosk, display cases for the Art+Design building, a rug for Campus Center North, and educational health pamphlets, among other campus needs. The Affiliates handed out 18 grants which total $10,402.

The Affiliates, founded in the late 1970s, have become an integral part of the Purchase College campus. Comprised of community members from Westchester and Fairfield counties, they sponsor a faculty lecture series, and support and attend student productions.

The Grants Committee requests applications from the entire campus once each semester. The Grants Chairman is Anne Stolley of Greenwich, Connecticut, and the President is Benedict Leerburger. The committee seeks proposals "which will improve the quality of student life through intellectual, academic, cultural or social projects." The focus must also be on benefiting many, not just an individual.

The Affiliates award $18,000-$20,000 annually, with the funding coming directly from membership dues. Though they receive up to 40 proposals per semester, the grants are distributed among 15-20 applicants.

This year’s Fall Grants Awards are:

1.  $800 - Nancy Mascolo, Student Health Service - Transportation for emergency medical treatment for students.

 2.  $400 - Peter Polinski, Advising Center - toward Sophomore Day

 3.  $795 - Eileen Prager, Library - Audio books collection

 4.  $800 - Sarah Warren, Humanities - Student Workers to increase the online digital image database used in classroom or for study.  (EmbARK Web Kiosk through Visual Resources page of PC Library website.)

 5.  $350 - Pete Malinverni, Music - DVDs of Leonard Bernstein's works for four music courses.

 6.  $700 - Cindy Markus-Jones, University Police - Equipment for Student Safety Program student escort service.

 7.  $400 - Jessica Mazzia and Wendy Morosoff, Career Development - Student participation in project to create career videos for online help.

 8.  $600 Matthew Palatnik and Anthony Pinto, Students - Field trip for Biology Club

 9.  $800 - Anne Wetzel, Health Service - Refrigerator for student vaccines and medications.

10.  $507 - Melissa Thornburg, Student Life - Rug for Campus Center North lobby.

11.  $800 - Ebony Brown, Art+Design - Display  cases outside Art+Design Building to display School of the Arts events that are free and open to the public.

12. $700 - Robert Spahr, Art+Design - Dynamic media display in Art+Design hallway for student graphic design art.

13.  $300 - Janet Wafer, Student Health Service - Educational health pamphlets available to all campus.

14. $800 - Jon Esser, Assoc. Dean of Arts - Transportation for students to/from NYC to participate in Downtown Cabaret, Mar. 16 and 17,  2009.

15.  $500 - Dennis Andreas, Student - Senior and Junior Photography exhibit, Nov. 19.

16.  $350 - Allyson Bellink, Music - Toward a new course for graduate composition students with related concert.

17. $400 - Anthony F. Lemiux, Natural Sciences - Speaker on terrorism at May 2009 event.

18.  $400 - Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrom, Humanities - Readings by contemporary women fiction writers.