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Mary C. Marvin, Mayor of Bronxville, Joins College Council of Purchase College

Date Released: 11/7/2008

Mayor Marvin photo.jpgMary C. Marvin the current Mayor of the Village of Bronxville has been appointed a member of the Purchase College Council by New York Governor David Paterson.

Ms. Marvin joins a distinguished group of appointed community leaders who have demonstrated their interest in educational, community or philanthropic activities.  They function as an advisory body under the provisions of the State Education Law and meet regularly with campus officials at Purchase College, State University of New York, to promote the advancement of the College in the community.

Their responsibilities are to make sure appropriate plans and objectives are established for the College and are pursued to fruition.  They also review the College's internal governance and administration in consultation with the President, faculty, and students.  In addition, they represent the College's interests to the SUNY Board of Trustees and to the executive and legislative branches of the State government.

Ms. Marvin, a Bronxville resident for 20 years, was born in Albany, NY, earned a B.A. degree from Wellesley College, and a JD degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  She was a staff member for Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller and is a member of the Florida and Virginia Bar Associations.  She was an associate at various law firms while her husband was a Navy pilot.  She is married to Bradford Marvin, Jr. an investment banker and has two children.

Her community involvement in Bronxville includes Village Trustee for five years, a Bronxville Zoning Board member for 5 years, Chairman of the Bronxville Retail Mix and Marketing Committee, Board Member of the Westchester Holocaust Education Center, and Chairman of the Bronxville School Foundation