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President Schwarz of Purchase College Joins 45 University and College Presidents in Coalition for Campus Change

Date Released: 10/29/2008

President Schwarz is one of 45 university and college presidents who have formed a national Leadership Coalition committing their campuses to becoming models for what liberal education can offer -- and most effectively deliver.

In partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the institutions in the Leadership Coalition will receive support for their work over the next two years in creating campus cultures that support learning and commitment to the full development of their students. 

They  will demonstrate how making a priority of creating and sustaining a campus culture for learning elevates expectations, involves greater faculty and student interaction, broadens reward structures and results in greater attainment of the academic, well-being and civic development of students.

The initial activity of the Coalition is a President's Symposium to be held in Washington, DC on Nov. 10-11.  According to Sally Engelhard Pingree, Project founder and primary funder, "creating campus cultures that help students achieve all of the core outcomes of liberal education can become the defining condition for institutional excellence and appeal, and the best means of re-centering higher education's focus on the whole student."

At the conclusion in two years, examples of campus projects will be included in a nationally distributed publication of successful, effective and affordable "Strategies for Change in Creating and Sustaining Campus Cultures for Learning."