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Azazel Jacobs Finds Success With "Momma's Man"

Date Released: 10/6/2008

Azazel Jacobs, a Purchase Film Alumn, has been in the spotlight thanks to his film, "Momma's Man."  The 35-year-old writer/director has been showing the film at various international film festivals, including Sundance, to rave reviews. It is currently in limited release.

"Momma's Man" features Jacobs' parents, Ken and Flo, both known for their work with avant-garde and experimental film.  Jacobs' decision to cast his parents, as well as to use the Tribecca loft where he grew up, adds a gritty realism to the dark comedy of "Momma's Man."

The movie tells the story of Mikey (Matt Boren), who leaves his wife and newborn in Los Angeles to visit his parents in New York.  When it's time to go home, Mikey has increasingly exaggerated excuses to stay in New York, where he is enjoying his return to adolescence.  Poignant and touching,  "Momma's Man" is a critical success considered to be Jacobs' best work to date.

Jacobs was recently named one of Movie Maker magazine "Top 10 Writers/Directors to Watch in 2008."