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Purchase and Westchester Community College Presidents Sign Document to Ease Transfers From the Two-Year to the Four-Year Institution

Date Released: 9/23/2008

The Presidents of Westchester Community College and Purchase College today signed a significant document that will allow students to transfer more easily from the two-year college to the four-year institution. The new articulation agreement, the most extensive such document linking the two schools, is expected to result in an increase in qualified transfer students from Westchester Community College to Purchase.

“We are excited about this agreement,” says Joseph Hankin, President of Westchester Community College. “It makes for a greater ease of transfer from our institution to Purchase College, and we expect that our students will begin considering such transfers in greater numbers immediately.”

Thomas J. Schwarz, President of Purchase College, agrees. “Each year, fifty or sixty students from Westchester transfer to our institution, and we are happy to have them here,” he says. “With this agreement, we believe that this number will increase considerable in a very short period of time.”

The agreement allows Westchester Community College students to enroll in parallel degree programs. If they follow the program guidelines, they will, in essence, start their first two years toward a four-year Purchase degree at Westchester Community College, and then will have the option of seamlessly transferring to the four-year institution. If the students satisfy the minimum grade point average requirements, along with any audition or portfolio admission requirements, they will be able to easily transfer from Westchester to Purchase with up to 75 credits.

Due to this new agreement, the students will be able to earn a bachelor’s degree in four years without any loss of college credits.

Ten Westchester Community College associate degree programs will connect to 29 Purchase majors. Some of the affected Purchase majors are Art History, Cinema Studies, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Creative Writing, Sociology, and Literature.