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Christopher Kaczmarek Exhibits Robotic Art in Ireland

Date Released: 9/16/2008

Christopher Kaczmarek of Purchase College is one of 16 artists from nine countries around the world exhibiting at the ArtBots 2008 Dublin show in Ireland. The finest examples of “robotic art and art making robots” are exhibited from September 19-21 at the Science Galley of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The exhibit represents the tremendous range of creative art and robotic activity including performances, workshops, lectures and an awards ceremony.

Kaczmarek, a Purchase alum, is the Student & Faculty Affairs Coordinator and Freshman Seminar Professor in the School of Art+Design. His work “Untitled,” consists of four solar circuits that trigger motors in an arrhythmic sequence causing empty eggshell halves to tap against each other, producing a surprisingly amplified sound. The eggshells reference the seed of life and allude to the balance between fragility and strength in the seemingly permanent world. The changing frequency of the percussion alludes to the ever changing energy that surrounds us.

Kaczmarek is a New York artist whose sculptural installations are often interactive and guide the viewer toward a deeper contemplation of the environment and the active or passive role the viewer plays in that interaction. His other works include sound scores for the stage, multi-channel videos, and hand made electronic instruments. ArtBots 2008 Dublin is a joint production of the Science Gallery at Trinity College, ArtBots, and the Columbia University Computer Music Center.