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Fulbright Scholars From Austria, Ecuador, and Russia Attend Purchase College

Date Released: 9/10/2008

Fulbright Scholars from Austria, Ecuador and Russia are attending Purchase College this year to earn their Masters’ degrees through the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

Matthias Löscher of Austria will study American music with a focus on Jazz and Hip-Hop, Pablo Encalada of Ecuador will study classical piano, and Andrey Ankudinov of Russia will study music production and jazz composition.

The program brings citizens of foreign countries to the United States for advanced degrees at U.S. universities or other institutions. Many are early career professionals who return to take leadership positions in their home countries. More than 1,800 talented individuals participate in the program each year. They are selected through a rigorous selection process in their home countries.

Matthias Löscher of Austria earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Anton Bruckner Pivatuniversiat Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music in Austria and has performed with various quartets and sextets in Europe. He is a founder of the Matthias Löscher Quartet, which has been performing since 2004, and released its first CD in 2007 via ATS-Records. At Purchase, he plans to focus on Jazz, R & B and HipHop, and eventually in Austria organize a new group that will incorporate this music with European electronic music to create a new sound.

Pablo Encalada of Ecuador studied at the Universidad Estatal de Cuenca, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance and received the “Benigno Malo” award for graduating at the top of his class. Since 1999, Pablo has performed in concerts and festivals in his home country and abroad including the Interlochen Center for the Arts in the United States. At Purchase, he will be specialize in Classical Piano, focusing on Romantic, Neo-Classical, and Modern styles while working to become a concert pianist and an opera and orchestra conductor. After he returns to Ecuador, he will work on a Ph.D and teach piano at Universidad de Cuenca. He would eventually like to establish a music conservatory.

Andrey Ankudinov of Russia has studied sound engineering at the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography, and the Moscow State College of Pop and Jazz Art. He chose to pursue his Master’s Degree in America because he feels it is “the world’s center of contemporary music.” At Purchase he plans to focus on scoring and arranging music, while learning the finer aspects of modern musical technology. After earning his degree, Andrey plans to return to his job at the Lavrofffilms Recording Studio in Russia, and to teach sound production and engineering at TKS Novo-Peredelkino.