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Purchase Art+Design Alumni in Canadian Art Show June 8-Aug. 24

Date Released: 6/11/2008

Purchase School of Art+Design alumni Brian Lund, AD Hunt and Adam Niklewicz are featured in the Inaugural Show at b42 Gallery in Oakville, Ontario, Canada June 8-August 24. For more information, visit

Brian Lund received his MFA from Purchase. His recent drawings feature a self-invented graphic vocabulary—a coded, cryptic arrangement of dots, dashes, lines, numbers or other means of notational or diagrammatic tracking—to translate the editing systems of motion pictures into abstract compositions. “I use an archive of charts, notes, lists and film-still sketches documenting various details within a film production to construct abstract drawings that interpret films as linear progressions or ‘chains’ that connect with each other at various points,” he explained. His work has been exhibited in several NY-based venues, including the Drawing Center, Chashama, Westchester Arts Council and Artists Space. He received his BFA from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota, his hometown.

AD Hunt was born in Nova Scotia and received his MFA from Purchase College. In his work, he combines fragments of imagery, line and color to create highly personal and symbolic narratives. Fusing representational, and often figurative, elements with raw colorful daubs of paint, he depicts troubling scenarios and awkward themes in a comical style. “Humor and dread play a major role in my work,” he explained. “I find extreme emotions compelling—my emotional life is punctuated by intense feelings, dark or light, hilarious or tragic. I recreate these tensions in my paintings and embellish the subject matter to make a spectacle out of everyday phenomena.” He received his BFA from NSCAD University.

Polish-born Adam Nikiewicz earned his BFA in graphic communications from Washington University and his MFA in sculpture from Purchase. He is the recipient of the International Sculpture Center’s 2006 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award and the 2008 Artists Fellowship from the Connecticut Commission on Culture. His work has been featured and discussed in the New York Times, Sculpture Magazine, Modern Painters Magazine, the Hartford Courant and The Nation, and has shown at such venues as Grounds for Sculpture, Real Art Ways, the New Britain Museum of American Art, Black & White Gallery, Stamford Museum, Galerie fur Landschaftskunst and Zacheta.