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Purchase Alum Gregor Asch, aka DJ Olive, Featured in the Whitney Biennial 2008

Date Released: 5/5/2008

Purchase College School of Art+Design graduate Gregor Asch, better known as DJ Olive the Audio Janitor, was featured in the 2008 Whitney Biennial presented by the Whitney Museum of Art. His mixed-media installation entitled Triage was part of the exhibition held at the Park Avenue Armory in March.

Using a room-sized white tent furnished with cots, he creates an environment of deep ambient sounds, encouraging visitors to quietly listen to his work, providing a respite from the external chaos of the city. Triage is his most recent composition from the Sleeping Pill series.

DJ Olive is a turntablist and DJ who creates multimedia events that combine audio clips of such seemingly incompatible noises as street sounds and previously recorded music in various genres.  He creates both danceable sets and ambient soundscapes for large audiences.

He was also included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial in which he organized the sound installation Roof Music: Sunrise on a Rooftop in Brooklyn in which he sought the cultural unification of all participants. Alternating with the throbbing dance music were “sleeping pill” events to promote relaxation.