Press Releases

New Media Senior Show: “Evolve, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love New Media” May 10, 12 & 13

Date Released: 4/29/2008

Purchase College presents the New Media Senior Show, “Evolve, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love New Media,” May 10, 12 & 13, from 4-7 PM in the Student Center. The show features the work of 16 graduating seniors in the New Media program. For more information call 914-251-3980 or visit

Purchase College, State University of New York, is located at 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, N.Y.

Crystal Colotti’s project, R.A.T.-Responsive Artificial Tool, incorporates a generally disliked animal and attempts, through digital interaction, to create a virtual world where one can explore past the stereotype and discover unexpected characteristics—challenging prior expectations and requiring the user to rethink the predetermined stereotype.

Zack Rotz’s Fring Fring and Friends began as a children’s music band, but quickly evolved into an all around audio/visual “edutainment” experience featuring music videos and short skits that are colorful to the eye, featuring Rotz, Danny Golub and various animated characters and the audience.

Follow the Hollow by Michael Kapstan is a website he designed as his contemporary take on a film treatment. The site treats the film as if it is really being released and has all the typical features of a real movie-based site with a few extra details. There is an overall synopsis of the theme and plot of the film, dozens of characters who each function as a way to drive the story forward, movie trailer, and downloadable wallpapers and posters.

The basis of Aleksandra Skorupsky’s project Identity consists of a study between the human form and the transformation it develops when influenced by its culture and environment. The project focuses on body and mind when enveloped by its physical environment as well as the manifestation of emotions gathered from experiences, which makes everyone unique. In a voyeuristic manner, one can grasp certain information about an individual through interactive, scenic and visual language.

Bow Jones has created a video travel journal that includes videos shot while he was traveling in Nepal. The videos are projected onto the pages of the journal, which also include writing and drawings. The piece is semi-interactive so that when the pages are turned, new videos are triggered for each page.

Helen Cross’s project is an audio experience based on the daily life of a soldier during deployment. The project is an experiment of similarities, an attempt to place a soldier’s environment into the environment at college. The desired result is an understanding of the soldier’s daily duties and its similarities to the student’s life on campus.

In the interdisciplinary New Media program, students learn to interact with digital media both as critical consumers and as active producers. New Media students study the effects of digital media from multiple perspectives while developing their own voice through hands-on production. The curriculum draws from courses in the visual arts, computer science, and the social sciences, as well as music, film and other liberal arts disciplines.