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Purchase College Affiliates Announce Their Spring 2008 Grants Awards

Date Released: 3/27/2008

Benedict Leerburger, President, and Anne Stolley, Grants Chairperson, recently announced the Purchase College Affiliates Spring 2008 Grants Awards totaling $8,836.   

The Affiliates are comprised of community members from Westchester and Fairfield counties. In addition to the fall and spring grants awards, they sponsor a faculty lecture series, and support and attend student productions.

The Grants Committee requests applications from the entire campus once each semester for proposals “which will improve the quality of student life through intellectual, academic, cultural or social projects.” The focus must also be on benefiting many, not just an individual.

The Affiliates awards are funded directly from membership dues.

This year’s spring grants awards are:      

 1.  $750 for a Conservatory of Music guest lecture series, "Music in Our Time."

 2.  $400 to the Advising Center  for Junior Day, April 22.

 3.  $800 to Physical Education to supplement equipment for the new Nature and Outdoor Skills Residential Learning Community.

 4.  $655 to the Athletic Department for new rehabilitation equipment for the training room to benefit student athletes plus Dance Conservatory students.

 5.  $800 to the Conservatory of Dance for bulletin boards for studio scheduling.

 6.  $201 to the Library for a laminating machine and frames for Media Resources Center.

 7.  $650 to Capital Facilities Planning for signs to encourage recycling on  campus.

 8.  $800 to Student Health Services for Student Medical Emergency Fund.

 9 .  $800 to the Conservatory of Music to repair cellos.

10.  $300 to the Campus Beautification Committee for tree planting.

11.  $500 to the Registrar for print material for the main campus kiosk.

12.  $500 to Student Life for folding tables and microwave for Commuter Lounge.

13.  $675 to Residence Life for furniture for Olde Community Center.

14.  $600 to the School of Liberal Studies and Continuing Education for Liberal Studies guest speakers.

15.  $405 to Student Affairs for speakers for symposium on acquaintance rape.