Press Releases

New Media Event Features Performances by "Off the Grid" Artists April 2

Date Released: 3/25/2008

In conjunction with the Neuberger Museum of Art’s exhibition Off the Grid, this New Media event features live performances by artists whose work subvert and circumvent conventional structures. The performances are co-sponsored by the New Media program and the Neuberger Museum, and are free and open to the public. For more information, call 914-251-6122.

Purchase College, State University of New York, is located at 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, N.Y.

4 PM—Radio 4X4
Joshua Fried, Matt Bua, Alexis Baghat and Tom Roe perform into four transmitters with performances sent to radios throughout the performance area. By moving about the space, the audience mixes the audio feeds from the four signals.

4:45 PM—Joshua Fried
Fried performs his Radio Wonderland show with a car battery.

5:30 PM—Jeff Stark
Where Have You Been is a live show Stark hosts every month at Bluestockings bookstore. Three guests talk about travel, adventure and activism in front of a curious audience.

6:15 PM—Matt Bua
The artist speaks about his work, which takes form in large-scale fantastical spaces that redefine and re-imagine found objects and sustainable resources as functional elements in architecture.

4-8 PM—Mare Liberum Workshop
Benjamin Cohen, Dylan Gauthier and Stephan von Meuhlen explain how they make parts for their installation throughout the evening, and describe the project at 7 PM.