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Purchase College Affiliates Award $10,800 In Grants

Date Released: 11/26/2007

The Purchase College Affiliates have announced their Fall 2007 Grants Awards which will support guest speakers in the liberal arts and the arts, a Djembe African drum for the gospel choir, collaboration concerts between the Conservatories of Music and Dance, and a model of the PepsiCo Theatre for Design Technology students, among other campus needs. The Affiliates handed out 18 grants which total $10,800.

The Affiliates, founded in the late 1970’s, have become an integral part of the Purchase College campus. Comprised of community members from Westchester and Fairfield counties, they sponsor a faculty lecture series, and support and attend student productions. But their most unusual effort is the Grants Program.

The Grants Committee requests applications from the entire campus once each semester. The Grants Chairman is Anne Stolley of Greenwich, Conn.
Specifically, the committee seeks proposals “which will improve the quality of student life through intellectual, academic, cultural or social projects.” The focus must also be on benefiting many, not just an individual.

The Affiliates award $18,000-$20,000 annually, with the funding coming directly from membership dues. Though they receive up to 40 proposals per semester, the grants are distributed among 15-20 applicants.

This year’s Fall Grants Awards are:

1. A $400 grant awarded to Humanities for a reception for the African Diaspora Film Festival.

2. A $600 grant awarded to the Career Development Office for a Job Fair Professional Preparation Day.

3. A $500 grant awarded for the materials for a model of the PepsiCo Theatre for the student scenic and lighting designers in the Design Technology program.

4. A $600 grant awarded to the Career Development Office for bookmarks with career planning steps for each major and industry field represented at Purchase and also for hospitality supplies for the student lounge.

5. A $500 grant awarded to the Film department for three bulletin boards as well as several frames for student posters of films.

6. An $800 grant awarded for an Open House for Admissions Recruitment.

7. An $800 grant awarded to the Athletic Department for a portable treatment table for use at athletic events.

8. An $800 grant awarded to Health Services for a HEPA air purifier for the Student Health Services waiting room.

9. A $650 grant awarded to Health Services for the installation of a TV/DVD player in the waiting room.

10. A $400 grant awarded for campus clean-up and bulb planting by students and staff.

11. A $350 grant awarded for a May Day event for enrolled students to assist in completing administrative service necessary to return in the Fall of 2008.

12. An $800 grant award to Liberal Studies and Continuing Education for experts to speak on liberal arts and arts topics.

13. An $800 grant awarded to the Neuberger Museum for the Neu Guides program to teach Purchase College students about museum operations, functions, art and exhibition,  and museum education theory, and how to act as docents and provide other visitor services.

14. A $450 grant awarded for a Djembe African drum for the Purchase Soul Voices Ensemble.

15. A $600 grant awarded to Residence Life for exercise equipment for the Outback Wellness Lounge.

16. A $650 grant awarded to the Learning Center for a collection of essential texts and resource materials to aid in student tutorial sessions.

17. An $800 grant awarded for concert performance collaboration between the Conservatories of Music and Dance, plus Alumni Affairs for Spring 2008.

18. A $300 grant awarded to the Advising Center for refreshments for the upcoming Sophomore Day.