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Purchase Students Jump Start Study Habits With Online and Peer Tutoring

Date Released: 10/1/2007

SMARTHINKING, a new online tutoring service introduced this fall at Purchase College, is providing an effective way for students to improve their study habits with live tutoring from any Internet connection 24 hours a day.  Students work with trained, qualified individuals who help with tutoring or review their writing.  An essay submitted for critique and review, for example, will usually receive a reply within 24 hours.

Math and science students at Purchase receive additional help through the Einstein Corner Learning Center which is located in the Natural Sciences Building. Peer tutors provide support in math, chemistry, physics, biology, statistics and environmental studies for students who are struggling to grasp science-related coursework or who simply want to strengthen their existing knowledge of it. The EC Learning Center is open Monday-Thursday from 1-8 PM and Friday from 1-5 PM.

Both services are offered through the Purchase Learning Center to help students become independent learners and critical thinkers.

“SMARTHINKING  is offered as a supplement and in no way replaces one-on-one tutoring in the Learning Center,” said Adam Brown, Associate Director of the Learning Center.  “We anticipate that a wide range of students will take advantage of this service in the coming year.”

Students can request help in any subject, at any time, in any increment such as submitting an essay to the writing center, receiving online tutoring in math or submitting a question in general chemistry.  The E-structors are educators that strive to help students learn rather than simply giving answers or doing homework.

An average of 10 to 15 students majoring in the sciences seeks tutoring daily from Einstein Corner. The program fosters camaraderie among science majors via the peer mentors and tutors. Peer tutors are nominated by faculty members and receive effective training in tutoring at the beginning of each semester. EC also offers peer-led workshops twice a month on such topics as time management and how to get good grades. In addition, Einstein Corner provides textbooks and solution manuals for most science courses.