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Zipcars Now Available to Purchase College Students

Date Released: 8/31/2007

Purchase College students can now sign up for Zipcars. The new car-share program introduced this fall allows students access to two cars—a Toyota Prius hybrid and a Toyota Matrix—which will be located near Campus Center North and the Farside dorm.  Purchase is the first State University of New York (SUNY) campus to have Zipcars.

For a $35 annual membership fee, students will have use of the cars 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a cost of $8 per hour or $55 per day.  The energy efficient cars will allow students to run quick errands and save on the expense of keeping a car on campus.  Zipcars reduce parking congestion on campus and serve dozens of students while improving the quality of life on campus.

This turnkey-car-share program is offered through the Purchase College Association, Inc. (PCA), the not-for-profit auxiliary corporation that manages the campus auxiliary services such as food service, laundry, bookstore and shuttle buses.  Students who sign up gain access to the vehicles, along with a reservation system, gas, insurance coverage and billing.  Once approved, a driver receives a Zipcard and can reserve a car online or by phone for as little as an hour or as long as several days.   Drivers enter the car by holding the membership card over the car’s reader. The keys and a gas card are inside. 

Zipcars will be available to all students 18 years and older, with students 18-20 needing at least two years of driving experience and a clean record.  For all members, insurance is covered by Zipcar. Maintenance of the cars is handled by the participating schools fleet department, which examines the cars once a week at Zipcars’ expense.

“I am very excited to be introducing this service to our campus community.  Not only does this show our commitment to environmentally-friendly and sustainable programs, it is an innovative program students will find exciting, empowering and easy to use,” said Bill Guerrero, Executive Director of the PCA.