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Campus Roadways Rehabilitation Project

Our campus roads are in need of repair and suffer from potholes, wear, and weather-related deterioration.  This project will begin addressing numerous issues towards making our driving experience on campus smooth and enjoyable.

Project notes as of March 01, 2019

We are in the process of identifying the areas of roadways in need of repair and developing prioritization, budgets, and schedules, as well as construction bidding documents and specifications.  The current schedule is to begin repairs as soon as the asphalt plants open this spring.  As we move forward on implementing the repairs we’ll be sending out notices to the campus as to how this will effect traffic, road closures, detours and what to expect. 


Project Overview

Our campus roadways are in need of repair.  The impact of weather over time requires us to move beyond temporary repairs and filling of potholes.  This project will examine all of the campus’ roads and determine how best to implement long-term repairs in a phased approach.

The primary focus of the first phase will be on the roadway between the Anderson Hill Road entrance and the West 1 parking lot.


Drawings & Photos

Map of identified campus roadways in need of repair