For Instructors, A11y is a Moodle tool that allows them to evaluate the accessibility of the materials they’ve uploaded into their course spaces, and which then steps them through the process to improve any documents that they want to fix.  Instructors see an indicator next to each item of content that displays the A11y accessibility score.  Clicking on the indicator for any item of content opens an A11y help screen that lists the accessibility issues students may experience with that document, what those issues mean in practice, and step by step approaches for producing a more accessible document.

For Students, A11y provides options to download any item of course content in different formats, depending on the original document.  Students may select the format that best meets their needs. Providing access to course documents in alternative formats is beneficial to all students, regardless of ability.

More about using Ally to improve the accessibility of course documents can be found at the Moodle Basics help guide.