Wellness Center interns are an essential part and work in the Wellness Center  at Purchase. Interns receive training through the weekly class, teach, mentor and assist peers in enhancing their wellness lifestyles.

Wellness Interns are ambassadors for the Wellness Center and promote prevention and wellness. Wellness interns will gain an awareness of the eight areas of Wellness: These areas are: Environmental, Emotional, Social, Occupational, Intellectual, Physical, Financial and Spiritual. Wellness interns will also be introduced to the concepts and practice of mindfulness. Interns are asked to support Wellness Center programming throughout the semester and support other interns in their own programming, tabling and final projects.

Interns will earn up to 4 credits for this on-campus Internship in which they will assist with ongoing programming and design and implement their own campus programs with support from the Wellness Center staff.  If you are interested in the Wellness Center internship, please email wellness@purchase.edu.

Spring 2018 Wellness Interns