The initiative to be Tobacco Free is a SUNY wide effort to provide as safe and a healthy environment for students, faculty and staff. SUNY continues to work towards 100% tobacco-free campus communities by June 2018.  As of October 2016, over 1,400 institutions of higher education across the nation have implemented tobacco-free policies.

We understand not all smokers will be in favor of these changes and we respect your opinion. Keep in mind that providing a smoke free environment is a movement that has been happening all over the country. In New York the big shift occurred in the early 2000s in NYC restaurants and offices and continues with New York State colleges.

So what happens if a student is smoking in a non-designated area? A great question…

  • The first time a student is reported to Community Standards for smoking Tobacco, the student will receive an Official Notification letter asking the student to abide by the rules of conduct.
  • The second time a student needs to be notified for an infraction of the Tobacco Free policy the student will be asked to report to Community Standards and may receive a Disciplinary Reprimand.
  • If a student breaks the Tobacco Free policy a third time the student will again report to Community Standards and may receive up to a Residence Probation for one semester and a substance education class.
  • Recommended Standard 4th Offense: Disciplinary Probation for one year and a substance assessment and compliance with terms of the assessment.

We are aware that many students support a smoke free environment on campus. We know this because they have told us and voiced their support. Despite the health risks, some students will continue to use tobacco, while others have already made the decision to not use tobacco. It is your decision. We are hoping the Tobacco Free Purchase campaign will give the student who are ‘on the fence’ a small push in a healthy direction and will help create a healthier campus environment. We also hope that over time a smoke free campus will be considered normal and accepted. 

Smokers who want help to stop using tobacco can use a few resources on campus. Smokers can get nicotine patches from Student Health Services. The Wellness Center will be running free smoking cessation workshops in the Fall of 2017 and based on interest, the Wellness Center may even try to organize a smoking cessation weekly group in the Fall of 2017. Also the Resources section of the Wellness web area has links to external resources to help kick the habit.