Gaming and Screen Addiction

  • 10 apps that block distractions - If you have the willpower to just not get online, more power to you, but those people are few and far between. For everyone else, there are apps that can block distractions so you get your work done without wasting time.
  • Computer Gaming Addict Anonymous - If you are struggling with an obsession or compulsion with video games, you can find help here.
  • Fight the New Drug - a non profit dedicated to raising awareness and educating on the harmful effects of pornography. 
  • Fortify App - an app to help stop using porn
  • Healthy Gamer - Healthy Gamer is the mental health platform designed to help the internet generation succeed.
    Healthy Gamer creates accessible, inclusive and affordable mental health resources that empower the internet generation to find peace and purpose through content, community and coaching.
  • Online gamers anonymous - An anonymous self-help group for on-line gaming/screen addiction
  • Review of 10 apps that block social media - A review of 10 apps that block social media, even temporarily, so you can stay focused and be more productive.
  • Smartphone addiction - Worried about your phone or Internet use? These tips can help you break free of the habit and better balance your life, online and off.
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