Sustainability at CBHS

Counseling and Behavioral Health Services’ prevention programs endorse the United National’s global Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability is a core principal in creating practices for Health and Well-being over the lifespan. Our climate, cultures, communities and selves are best served through intentional acts to preserve and protect all these resources.

This April 22, on Earth Day, we are bringing back our sustainable medication return program. The release of unused and untreated medications into the environment through routine garbage disposal or water systems is an environmental and human health risk. At “Plants for Pills,” students may bring their unused medications to the Plaza for safe disposal and receive in exchanage their own baby house plant to raise. We will also provide free Deterra Bags for students to safely neutralize unused medications when other options are not available.

Please join us for our “Plants for Pills” program on 4/22/21, 12 – 3 p.m. Check out our other CBHS events by visiting our Events Page and make sure to follow us @wellnessatPC.

Catch Your Breath-Smoke Less!

If you or someone you know wants to reduce your use of tobacco or nicotine products including vaping, call Counseling and Behavioral Health Services to schedule a consultation with Robbie Morell at (914) 251-6390.

COVID 19 and smoking

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The Wellness Center also is proud to introduce The Lighthouse Program that offers Purchase students an intentional substance-free, peer-led community, programming and social space.  Check the Lighthouse Page for virtual recovery resources.