Program Highlights

Find Your Way

Learn the campus layout before classes start.

Meet People

Make connections with current students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Learn The Ropes

Find out where to go when you need help from academic support to financial aid to social activities.

Experience The Classroom

Attend classes to familiarize yourself with academic expectations.

Stay Healthy

Get tips and information on health and wellness resources and facilities.

Get Personalized Support

Work with your Success Mentors to develop a roadmap for the next four years.

Pay It Forward

Pass on what you learn to help other students navigate the college experience.

Qualify For A Scholarship

Students accepted into the program will be eligible for consideration of a Success Fellows Scholarship.

For additional questions or information contact: or 914-251-5928.

Space is limited and income requirements apply.

Students are notified of acceptance into the program by mid June.