All Purchase undergraduates complete coursework in a common core curriculum as they progress toward graduation in their chosen majors. The core curriculum ensures that students in all majors develop a foundation in a broad range of general education knowledge and skill areas, expressed in terms of student learning outcomes (SLOs).

  • Because these SLOs are shared across all 64 SUNY campuses, meeting a general education requirement at Purchase satisfies that requirement at any SUNY campus and vice versa.
  • Completing the Purchase College core curriculum satisfies all SUNY general education requirements.
  • Transfer students who have completed 30 general education credits and any 7 of the 10 SUNY general education content categories before admission to Purchase College will be awarded credit for fulfilling the Purchase core curriculum.

The student’s advisor and the registrar monitor each student’s progress toward the fulfillment of the core curriculum requirements; however, the final responsibility for completing the requirements rests with the student.

Approved General Education Courses, by SUNY Campus

This site, maintained by the SUNY System Administration, provides links to lists of approved general education courses at each SUNY campus, including Purchase core curriculum courses that satisfy SUNY general education requirements.