Rapidly changing demographics and decreasing high school graduation rates bring about new challenges. Our goals are to optimize enrollment, increase retention rates, and meet our completion goals. Specifically, we want to foster greater student success among underrepresented minorities.


We recognize that investing our resources in our enrolled students is the most productive way to foster completion. We are adopting programs to allow the college to develop highly empirical analytic tools to guide us in identifying trends that can help determine student readiness for courses, ultimately leading toward greater student success.

Success and Engagement

A huge part of our educational model and its attendant success is our shared mission with SUNY: to develop relationships with partners locally, nationally, and globally that broaden the learning sphere of our campus. We are investing in applied learning, student support, and financial literacy, as well as providing avenues to volunteering and community engagement.


It is our mission to offer a unique education that combines its programs in a way that emphasizes inquiry, mastery of skills, and creativity. It is our prerogative to create opportunities for our students to live our mission – we must commit our students to the challenge of Thinking Wide Open.