Welcome to the More Store. Pictured left to right: Paris Ray with a mega Rice Krispie Treat, More...Welcome to the More Store. Pictured left to right: Paris Ray with a mega Rice Krispie Treat, More Store Staff Spencer Schilsky, and SuperMoreKet Sweepstakes winner Sarah Melo.

Have you ever heard of Wawa or Sheetz? We like to think that we’re better than both of them combined. That may be overselling it, but at this point you should at least be curious.

Get ready to make the More Store a part of your regular routine and hang out spot, with more music DJ-ed by our awesome More Store staff, more daily open hours until 2:00 am, and with more variety and selection than your fridge has room for.

Product Selection

So what do we carry in the More Store? We carry health and beauty products, household essentials, drinks, snacks, microwave meals, milkshakes, ice cream, electronic accessories, fresh sandwiches, gluten free and vegan options, and more. 

Product Categories

Want to check to see if we carry a specific item in store? Give us a call at (914) 251-4498.

More Store Shopping List

Are you in dire need of a particular item? Is there a snack that you just can’t live without? For all the items that we don’t carry but that you’d like to see sold in our store, let us know through the “More Store Shopping List” on Facebook!

Add an item to the More Store Shopping List.

SuperMoreKet Sweepstakes

Picture this: a shopping spree for all the things you want and need right at the More Store. In our one of a kind sweepstakes, for every $20 spent at our store, you’ll receive an entry for a chance to play in our sweepstakes!

Full details and information are available through our Facebook page.