All students will be housed within Outback, Fort Awesome, Wayback, Alumni Village, Commons and The Olde. Students will have their own bedroom, with no more than 2 students sharing a bathroom. Some apartments can accommodate 3 or 4 students still.


Big Haus, Crossroads, and Farside are our three residence halls that serve as part of the freshmen living community.  These residence halls are connected to the main Dining Hall (D-Hall) through the lower-level (which is ideal for those cold winter days) – this connects all three buildings with a shared laundry room in the basement of Crossroads.  Additionally, there is a community kitchen located next to the dining hall.

Our freshmen living community has one (1) Residence Coordinator (RC) living in each building; each RC has extensive experience within housing and residence life, and supervises the overall building with the assistance of student Resident Assistants (RAs).

The freshman housing community shares a quad in the middle of the buildings, with an accessible path and social gathering space.

These residence halls DO NOT have air conditioned rooms or elevators – all three buildings have a ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor.  Those needing special accommodations should complete a Request through the Office of Disability Resources.  Additionally, all of these housing options allow for Gender Inclusive Housing.