The Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS) offers a number of study abroad opportunities to students. These include opportunities to directly enroll at a partner university overseas for a semester or summer, internship placements overseas, and the opportunity to travel with current Purchase Faculty on a course abroad. In particular, our Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs offers students, many of whom who have little or no experience overseas, a supported introduction to comprehending and navigating a new cultural environment. It is our hope that by offering Purchase Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs it will allow for a larger variety of students to take part in a global education experience that will advance their intercultural competencies and technical skills.

Are you Interested in Leading a Program?

Faculty interested in developing faculty-led study abroad programs should consult OIPS, which provides administrative support for the participating faculty and students. Our Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs vary in length from 3-5 weeks and occur during the Spring or Winter Terms. Additionally, OIPS is hoping to develop a new embedded travel model for 2019 Spring semester courses during Spring Break.

Program Development Grants may be available from SUNY System Administration’s Office of Global Affairs, but are highly competitive. Typical program development relies on a faculty members’ past experiences abroad and site location knowledge. Faculty submit the initial (short) proposal for an OIPS feasibility review. At this point, OIPS assists faculty in submitting formal proposals.

Following approval, OIPS will work with the faculty to develop and maintain a program budget, secure airfare for the group, develop the program logistics, get Purchase and SUNY Systems course approval, recruit students, advise students on study abroad and financial aid concerns, collect student applications and payments, register students, and collect evaluations. In addition to the academic component, Faculty are specifically charged with:

  • Contributing to their site location knowledge with developing program logistics and budget
  • Playing a pivotal role in student recruitment, including 3-4 info session presentations
  • Developing detailed material for a pre-departure informational session for accepted students
  • Going beyond the role of a typical classroom manager on the Purchase Campus, to one of overseas site manager; dealing with broader student health and safety concerns

Faculty Compensation

Compensation includes the group flight cost, pre-approved course related excursions and entrance fees, single occupancy accommodations with the group, currency exchange fees (within reason), and for some programs where site location warrants, some meals may be covered. Additionally, the OIPS Dean will directly negotiate with faculty a stipend for teaching as part of this total compensation package before marketing of the program. For new programs, this may be as little as zero and as high as $3,500. Factors that go into determining a stipend include credits taught, length of program, program enrollment goals, and location costs affiliated with the site chosen. While it is rare that a faculty member would receive no stipend for teaching a study abroad program, occasionally this may occur when a program has been developed in a particularly expensive location, has a low enrollment goal (perhaps the course necessitates a small class size), and has reached what has been determined as reasonable price to pass along to students. Faculty do not receive stipends and indirect compensation for programs that are canceled. Purchase programs are not developed with non-teaching faculty accompaniment; in rare cases when high enrollment necessitates, OIPS staff trained in overseas group management will accompany the program for non-teaching support.

 Please contact Anne Kern, Dean for Global Strategy, with any questions about faculty-led programs.