In conjunction with Human Resources (HR), the Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS) can process applications for newly offered and currently working foreign faculty and staff. These visa status can include: H-1b (Temporary Worker) and O-1 (Artists of Extraordinary Ability) visas. General information on professional visas is also available. Visiting Scholars not hired by Purchase College in regular full-time status, should visit our page on Visiting Foreign Scholars (J-1).

In some cases the College may sponsor part of a faculty’s or staff’s application for Permanent Residency. Please discuss this issue with your supervisor, Academic Affairs, and contact OIPS for more information about how to get started.

OIPS works with the law firm of Harris Beach, PLLC for foreign faculty and staff authorized by Purchase College for visa sponsorship. Student and Non-Purchase sponsored visa holders must obtain their own immigration legal counsel. Hiring Supervisors and current Purchase sponsored visa holders’ supervisors need to complete the Harris Beach PLLC Immigration Process Initiation Form. Please note, an attached detailed job description from HRETS is required to be submitted along with the Harris Beach PLLC Immigration Process Initiation Form to OIPS for review - NOT directly to Harris Beach PLLC.

Maintaining Valid Visa Status is the solely the responsibility of the faculty/staff member. OIPS, in conjunction with HR and Harris Beach PLLC are available to support a foreign faculty or staff member’s visa status. We highly encourage Purchase sponsored visa holders to be proactive, ask questions, and contact OIPS with questions.

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