Advising our international students is the ‘Services’ part of our office name. The role and purpose of the OIPS staff in relation to federal immigration regulations is to provide international students, visiting scholars, and H1-B employees with information, advice, and assistance so that they can maintain their lawful immigration status while in the United States. Under U.S. immigration law, the College is required to report certain information about these individuals and their programs to the U.S. government, including potential violations of immigration regulations.

What Advisors Should Know about Advising International Students

  • Students must be registered as full-time students; 12 credits for undergraduates and 9 credits for graduates. Note: maintaining only this minimum credit number may not allow students to graduate on-time (see requirement below). Also, students can only withdrawal from a class if it will not drop their overall registration below 12 credits. While exceptions can be made, there are restrictions governing this; please contact OIPS.
  • Students must complete coursework for their degree within the time allotted on the Form I-20; typically 8 semesters for undergraduates or 4 semesters for graduates. Specific academic programs and transfer credit allotments can impact this typical time allotment. Students must notify OIPS if they are graduating ahead of the date listed on the Form I-20. OIPS can issue an extension of stay only in specific circumstances; academic probation, failure to make adequate progress, or failure to remain in good standing is NOT an approved exception.
  • If students have specific requirements around paid AND unpaid work both on campus and off campus, please have them contact OIPS.
  • Students must receive authorization from OIPS (among other offices) before taking a leave of absence, medical leave, transferring to another school or permanently leaving Purchase College prior to graduation. Students will be advised on how this may affect their current and future U.S. visa status.