Who can apply for the Cornerstone Program?

Applicants to the program must already be admitted to Purchase College and are required to take a full course load (at least 12 credits per semester). Documentation supporting a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum disorder is required. Transfer students as well as students who commute to campus are permitted to apply for the program.

When is the application due?

Applications are due April 1. Any application received after this date will only be reviewed if space is available in the incoming cohort.

Is there an alternate degree program available?

All students in the Cornerstone Program must be working toward a four-year degree at Purchase College. While academic accommodations may be provided, coursework, curriculum, and/or educational programs cannot be altered or modified in any way.

How many students are accepted into the program every year?

Typically a maximum of eight to ten students are accepted into the program at the beginning of the fall semester.

Are program costs covered by financial aid?

Program fees are not covered by federal financial aid. However, students may consider contacting their state Vocational Rehabilitation organizations to inquire about financial support.

Can students transfer into the Cornerstone Program mid-year?

Yes, students may apply to the Cornerstone Program for the spring semester if space is available. Application materials are due December 1.

Do students participating in the Cornerstone Program receive special housing on campus?

No. Incoming first-year students are placed in the residence halls with other first-year students. Students with disabilities who require housing accommodations must complete the Office of Disability Resources’ procedure to request accessible campus housing.