Student Responsibilities

The student must present a request for course substitution to ODR with supportive documentation. The documentation must a) provide a description of the nature and extent of the pertinent disability, b) clearly describe the manner in which the manifestations of the disability impact the ability to perform identified functions, tasks and/or activities and c) explain how the ability to perform in the course in question is specifically impacted by the disability. The submitted documentation should include educational assessment(s) that identify and describe the limitations that would explain and support the need for the suggested substitution. It should include evidence that the manifestations of the student’s disability preclude them from mastering the course or subject material in question. Pertinent evidence includes a) any existing information in which healthcare providers or evaluators diagnosed profound limitations that prohibited or limited the student’s performance in the subject area or course in question and/or recommended a course substitution and b) prior failed attempts to pass the course in question and/or courses in the subject area. However, evidence of past failures is not required. Evidence of a disability so profound that it precludes the student from completing the course would be sufficient. The student is not required to identify a course or courses that would be an appropriate substitution; but, if they do so, evidence or information explaining why it is believed the suggested course(s) would be an appropriate substitution should be provided.

Office of Disability Resources Assessment

ODR is responsible for reviewing the student’s request and determining whether the documentation supports the need for a course substitution as an academic adjustment. The Director of ODR will schedule a meeting with the student to discuss the request, the impact of the disability, their disability related needs, and the significance of the described limitations in relationship to their academic performance. In addition to determining whether a course substitution is necessary, the Director will also explore the availability of alternative academic adjustments and/or modifications that might meet the student’s needs. If the Director determines that the documentation does not support the need for a course substitution as an accommodation, the student will be provided the decision in writing. The determination letter provided to the student must include a detailed explanation of the basis for the decision and a listing of the alternative accommodation(s), if any, that will be offered. The document should also include information regarding the student’s right to file a complaint.
If the Director determines that a course substitution should be considered as an appropriate accommodation, the Director will meet with the Chair/Dean of the School for the course or program in question and selected program instructors to discuss a) the information and evidence that supports the need for the accommodation, b) pertinent essential academic requirements, c)  the student’s course substitution options and d) the availability of alternative accommodations that might satisfy the student’s need. If the Director and Chair/Dean can agree on the accommodation(s) that should be provided to the student, the Director will meet with the student and advise them of the accommodation(s) and the manner in which it will be provided.

If the Director and the Chair/Dean are unable to reach agreement regarding the accommodation(s) to be offered, the student will be informed, in writing, of the impasse and advised of their right to file a complaint and the student’s case will be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs for further consideration and/or resolution. The Director will submit a written statement outlining the information and evidence that supports the need for the accommodation and the results of the assessment concerning the existence of alternative academic adjustments or modifications which would be equally effective for the student. The Chair/Dean will submit a written statement a) identifying the course or program objectives that would be compromised if the accommodation is offered, b) demonstrating that a thoughtful and rational review of the academic program and its requirements had been conducted; c) supporting that requirements classified as essential are, in fact, essential, and the department has treated them as such and d) reflecting that the department did, in good faith, consider whether the essential requirement(s) in question could be modified to accommodate the student with a disability. The determination process for a course substitution request must be completed within 20 business days following receipt of the student’s request.