Fact Finding Investigation

In cases related to sexual misconduct, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, and/or domestic violence, a fact-finding inquiry will be conducted and documented by the Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action.  During the fact-finding phase, the Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action will implement appropriate remediation measures, including but not limited to interim-suspension, housing or academic accommodations, and/or No Contact Orders to ensure the safety of the college community. The College’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response web page can provide additional information. 

Complaint Received/Application of Charges

After the Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action provides documentation to the Office of Community Standards (OCS), OCS will review the information.  If the office proceeds with the application of charges under the Student Code of Conduct, the accused student(s) and complainant(s) will meet with the office to discuss the alleged charges, potential sanctions, and to obtain an explanation of the hearing process.