Code Violations and Sanctions

Section C of the Student Code of Conduct addresses sexual misconduct violations. The college considers sexual misconduct, sex discrimination, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking as extremely serious violations that are subject to disciplinary probation, residence suspension, suspension and/or expulsion from the college. To learn more regarding these violations, please visit the Student Code of Conduct; to learn more about sanctions, please visit Sanctions.

Interim Accommodations:

Any student (accused student/respondent, complainant/reporting party, bystander, etc.) has the right to:
- request that an interim measure or accommodation be implemented;
- challenge the assignment of an interim measure or accommodation;
- present information/evidence to support their request or their challenge of the interim measure or accommodation

The College’s Sexual Violence and Prevention and Response policy, Protection and Accommodations, has more information regarding interim accommodations. 

The Office of Community Standards can provide more information regarding No Contact Orders

The Office of Student Affairs Policies can provide more information regarding interim suspensions.

If a student wishes to present information that would challenge or modify their interim suspension or No Contact Order, they should email the Office of Community Standards at for additional information. To challenge or modify any other accommodations, please contact the Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action at

Affirmative Consent, Amnesty, Bill of Rights, and Transcript Notation Policy

The College’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response web page provides the definition of Affirmative Consent, an explanation of the College’s Amnesty Policy pertaining to sexual and interpersonal misconduct, as well as the Student’s Bill of Rights and transcript notation policy.

Accommodations Offered at the Time of Complaint and/or Application of Charges

In cases of sexual/ physical aggressive/violent behavior, complainants/reporting parties and accused students/respondents may request any, or all, of the following accommodations:

  1. To confidentially discuss an incident with a staff member in Health Services.
  2. To confidentially discuss an incident with a staff member in the Counseling Center. Complainants/reporting parties may also confidentially discuss an incident with an outside victim service agency regarding crisis services and options for filing charges and to freely choose whether or not to participate with the discipline process. 
  3. To request an administrative review to discuss modification of on-campus living arrangements, if applicable.
  4. To request an administrative review to discuss modification of academic/class arrangements, if applicable.
  5. To request a No Contact Order, or if appropriate, a Persona Non Grata Status (PNG) or have an administrative review of an order or PNG status.