Appeal Preparation

The Director of Community Standards or designee will meet with accused students and complainants to discuss and explain the appeal process. Parties will be made aware that they can write a statement of support for or a letter of appeal of the hearing outcome.  Parties will be afforded three business days to submit a letter of appeal or support. Complainants and accused students will be made aware of:

  • The options of a statement of support and a letter of appeal, and what each entails.
  • The required grounds for appeal as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • The appeal process and who will review the case.
  • Due dates for appeal and support letters, and submission requirements.

Appeal Process and Notification

After the Appeal Board has reviewed the appeal, the accused student and the complainant will receive simultaneous written or electronic notification of the final decision of the college. This notification will occur within two working days of the receipt of the Appeal Board finding except in rare extenuating circumstances. The Office of Community Standard’s appeal web page can provide more information concerning the grounds for appeal, process, etc.