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**If you are requesting a No Contact Order related to dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, you will be referred to campus advocacy services. This referral will be made prior to the processing of a No Contact Order.

If you do not wish to provide any information regarding your request or are unsure about obtaining a No Contact Order, please access campus advocacy services  at the Counseling Center by calling 914-251-6390 or emailing that office at the following address:  The Counseling Center is located in the Humanities Building, Lower Level.

Please know that by clicking the “submit” button, that you understand that the Office of Community Standards is not a confidential resource and the submittal of this form may prompt outreach from the campus offices (i.e. campus advocacy services, Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action, Office of Community Standards, Office of Community Engagement, etc.).

Also note that any further action taken to review your request will require details such as dates of specific events, information to support your request (i.e. text messages, etc.), and the identity of the individual of who you are requesting the No Contact Order with.  This information will be requested by the Office of Community Standards prior to reviewing or processing your request.